From day 1, I started my role as a producer. And thanks to the coordination of my fellow developers, I still managed to guide the team to an amazing result.
I am the person that the client talked to most, communicated with our supervisors, and made sure that the team continued to feel enthusiastic every new week. 
But of course, I still help the programmers and artists when they get stuck on something. I provide feedback on every aspect of the pipeline. Having more eyes to look at a problem never hurts.​​​​​
Since we were lacking developers, I decided to also become the project's generalist. I have created most of the UI elements, as well as their animations.

The sound was also a big part of our simulator. So I went ahead and tackled all of the audio by myself. 
But that is not all. Due to the constantly changing expectations from the client, I had to change Space Dock's design pretty often. Eventually, we settled down for a wonderful result.
Personal contribution:

> All administrative tasks
> Task & schedule management
> Providing art & programming feedback
> All music & SFX
> Quality assurance
> UI animations
> Trailer
Created with:

Boris Tauber
Dries Martens
Jeroen Denayer
Rufat Aliyev
Zietse Boonen