Ziggy Van Onacker
Graduate Producer
Hi! I'm Ziggy.

Managing projects from A to Z is what I enjoy doing most. I am an enthusiastic game producer who is also an expert generalist. When applicable, I assist in the entire pipeline whether it is a AAA, AA, or a serious game. During my studies, I have always been a team player in any kind of project.

I am currently located in Belgium and am willing to relocate to anywhere in the world. Open to any kind of opportunity!
Latest project:

For the final group projects course in Digital Arts and Entertainment, we created a realistic Space Docking Simulator. The goal of the sim is to have a feeling of what it would be like to take over the automated docking procedure with one of the official spacecraft capsules.

This is a client-based project and will be playable from 23 April - 30 June 2022 @ Antwerp Expo.

Space Dock - 2021
Production, UI/UX Design & Audio

When I am not creating games, you will either find me inside or outside, all depending on Belgium's most famous weather. 

Going abroad, hikes, museum visits, road trips, sightseeing, etc. You name it, I am in! I also adventure a lot behind my laptop: movie nights with friends, testing out prototypes, giving feedback, and moderating several online communities!
Aventura Chinampa - 2021
Production, Technical Art & Game Design
Squared - 2021
Solo Project
FIK - 2020
Technical Art, Audio & Game Design
TRAZE - 2020
Technical Art & Game Design

> Professional Bachelor in Independent Game Production | 2019-2022 
HOWEST University of Applied Sciences, Digital Arts & Entertainment, Kortrijk, Belgium

> Professional Bachelor in Game Development | 2017-2019
HOWEST University of Applied Sciences: Digital Arts & Entertainment, Kortrijk, Belgium

> Secondary Education in Science and Mathematics | 2011-2017
Hartencollege, Ninove, Belgium
Soft Skills
> Problem solver
> Risk-taker
> Proactive
> Competitive
> Positive attitude

Software Skills
> Engine: Unity (C#) & Unreal Engine 4 (C++)
> Art: Adobe Photoshop, Houdini & Autodesk 3ds Max
> Production: HacknPlan, Trello, Miro, Jira & Microsoft Office
> Source Control: Perforce, Github & Sourcetree
Thank you!
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