Game Design, FX Art & Audio (2020)


Oh no! The forest monsters are trying to extinguish your campfire. Club them off! Swing, smash and survive to the beat, put your faith in the rhythm and your bat. ​​​​​​​ It is a Rhythm Action game made under 48 hours. It is a submission for the popular Mix & Game Jam 2020.

Mix and Game Jam was a game development marathon with the objective of creating a game in 48 hours. The theme of the jam was to mix genres: we combined the idea of swinging your bat on the rhythm with some action packed survival.

FIK rankings out of 600+ submissions
2nd Place - Sound
3rd Place - Art
16th Place - Gameplay


Overall game design & balancing
All FX & shaders
All music & SFX

Created with

Jens Lelie
Sybren Van Praet