Aventura Chinampa

Production, Technical Art & Game Design (2021)

Farming without a tractor? Before modern technology, the Mesoamerican people were already one of the most advanced agricultural societies in the world. Chinampas are still used to this day and it is your job to maintain them. But while feeding your people, don’t forget to please the Gods…

Aventura Chinampa, an educational farming game, was a client-based project (3 Museos). It was my first experience in creating a client-based project from start to finish in a professional manner. It was a rather insightful exercise in terms of organization, team spirit, formal communication, and scope management.
The biggest challenge for this project was not using any text inside the game.



Production (weekly meetings, task & schedule mangement)
Administrative content (client communication, design documents & meeting reports)
Overall game design & balancing
All FX

Created with

Alec Beelen
Jens Lelie
Maximiliaan Hendrikx
Nicolas Vandendriessche