Gangs of Sherwood

Game Production & Design (Fall 2023)

Gangs of Sherwood

Through the powers of the Philosopher's Stones, the armies of the Sheriff of Nottingham are now stronger than ever, and the people of England have never been so oppressed…

Gangs of Sherwood is an intense multiplayer 3rd person action game with plenty of attacks and bombastic-looking action. The action is designed to be enjoyable for newcomers while allowing a surprising amount of depth for action-game fans.

The Robin Hood setting is reimagined as a wartime conflict but the lighter tone in the character interactions and game events stays true to the “fun” you would expect from a Robin Hood game. Players are immersed through light story-driven missions that mix heavy action with traversal sequences.

Co-op action for up to 4 players

Land more and more impressive combos and cooperate with the other members of your team to achieve ultra-satisfying combos. Meet up with your friends in your hideout and determine the best strategy to adopt before setting off on missions, then put it to the test on the field of battle.

Improve your reputation by saving innocent lives and giving your loot to the people in order to unlock new upgrades and even more devastating combos. Spend your remaining gold with merchants to upgrade your equipment and customize your skills to match your combat style.


Ensuring milestone deliveries while maintaining a high-quality standard and a positive environment
Managing QA, Localization, and level content by using a variety of production tools
Coordinating with the publisher regarding Production, Marketing, and QA
Organizing and participating in meetings on all levels, both internal and external
Assisting in multi-platform deliveries such as Xbox, Playstation, Steam, and Epic Games