Production, Game Design, UX & Audio (2021)

For the final group projects course in Digital Arts and Entertainment, we created a realistic Space Docking Simulator. The goal of the sim is to have a feeling of what it would be like to take over the automated docking procedure with one of the official spacecraft capsules.

From day 1, I started my role as a producer. And thanks to the coordination of my fellow developers, I managed to guide the team to an amazing result. I am the person that the client talked to most, communicated with our supervisors, and made sure that the team continued to feel enthusiastic every new week. But of course, I still help the programmers and artists when they get stuck on something. I provide feedback on every aspect of the pipeline. Having more eyes to look at a problem never hurts.


Since we were lacking developers, I decided to also become the project's generalist. I have created most of the UI elements, as well as their animations.
The sound was also a big part of our simulator. So I went ahead and tackled all of the audio by myself. This was an interesting challenge since the sounds had to have a sci-fi direction, but still sound human-like.

But that is not all. Due to the constantly changing expectations from the client, we had to change SPACE DOCK's design pretty often. Getting the game flow right was one of the harder challenges for this project, since our client asked to allow the game to run 24/7.
Eventually, we settled down for a wonderful result.

This was a client-based ( | project and is playable from 23 April - 16 October 2022 @ Antwerp Expo.



Production (task & schedule mangement, organizing weekly meetings)
Administrative content (client communication, design documents & meeting reports)
UX design (making sure the player has enough feedback in a simulated environment)
Creating the official trailer
All music & SFX
UI animations

Created with

Boris Tauber
Dries Martens
Jeroen Denayer
Rufat Aliyev
Zietse Boonen